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Execution Trader Spotlight

“As an execution trader you play a key role in the team as many trading decisions are based on off-screen trading signals. The whole team relies on the quality of your information. Therefore, you have immediate impact on the team”. Read the full article here.

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Accelerating the shift to an environmentally sustainable economy

We believe that financial markets should reflect society’s values, which is why we are increasingly focusing on ESG market making at Optiver. Alongside trading a variety of ESG products, we are proud to support the launch of the Euronext® Eurozone ESG Large 80 Index Future.

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In this paper, we look at the impact short-selling bans have on global financial markets and on end-investors. Short-selling bans come at a cost to the market and to investors. Instead, it is more important to focus on measures proven to support the healthy functioning of markets (such as liquidity protection and coordinated circuit breakers) while also addressing the underlying economic issues driving market volatility.

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