Candace Gawler

Auctions and optimal outcome

Auctions are an important part of market structure and we are open to ongoing dialogue and innovation in this space. We do wish to highlight that whenever auctions are used as a matching model these should be truly price forming and competitive. Most importantly, to support fair and transparent trading, market participants should be provided with as much information as possible during auctions and we support the enabling of this as far as possible. We are pleased to see recognition of Paul R Milgrom and Robert B Wilson’s work on improvements in auction theory and the possibility of new auction formats


As an execution trader you play a key role in the team as many trading decisions are based on off-screen trading signals. The whole team relies on the quality of your information. Therefore, you have immediate impact on the team

Consolidated Tape

Investors and the capital markets are best served through the delivery of a low-cost, real-time Consolidated Tape of all transactions executed within the Union. Optiver advocates for the intervention by legislators and regulators to form a public utility Consolidated Tape Provider (CTP) that can deliver a low-cost, real-time Consolidated Tape (CT) of post-trade data.

Trader Spotlight

We had a chat with Bob Muijs, he started as a Trading Analyst at Optiver and is now a full time Trader at the firm. His interest in financial markets, combined with the excitement and energy he experienced on the trading floor got him hooked on Optiver. He holds a Master’s degree in Quantitative Finance and a Bachelor’s degree in Econometrics and Economics from the Erasmus University of Rotterdam.